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Work Experience

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Olin DBF

I am Project Manager at Olin's AIAA Design Build Fly Team

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Inter university project to design swarming cubesats

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Practical Scientific

An internship in mechanical design, creativity, and research

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Geophysics Research Project

Mapping with UAVs and surface instruments in Oregon


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Armadillo: Jenga Stacking Robot

Palletizing robot arm with vacuum and computer vision to stack Jenga.

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Mini FRC 2021: Manticore

Fully custom 1/3 scale FRC robot with modular holonomic drive. 3D printed.

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Carbon Fiber Tube winding machine and project to test different tube structures.

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Hand Crafted Wooden House

Scale model of my childhood house, with internal lighting

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Frisbee Tracker

Disc mounted sensor to help monitor throws and improve your game

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Misguided: The Game

Adventure pygame with focus on code modularity and engine design for future projects

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Rocket Regression

An Analysis of Factors Correlated to Mission Success

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ZEUS IV: Modular Hopper

Designing a small mechanical jumping device with a delay

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Differential Drive

Programming a robot to navigate a spline using ROS, MATLAB, and Gazebo

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Olin Team ShellSwitch

Designing, building, and testing a play experience for 4th graders

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Kinetic Sculpture

Designing and CADing a kinetic sculpture using sheet metal, wood and plastic parts

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Footprint PCA

Designing an algorithm based on eigenfaces to identify endangered animals by their footprints

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Mini FRC: Atlas

Off-Season FRC Project using lego mindstorms to build a scale FRC robot

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Robotics: Team 6502 DARC SIDE

High School FRC Captain & Dean's List Semifinalist

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A hobby involving art, engineering, and math

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A Bird's Eye View

FPV, Wings, and Racing Quads

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Jazz Music Videos On Location

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AP Physics C Mechanics (5 on AP)

AP Chemistry (5 on AP)

Mechanics of Solids

  • Stress and strain
  • Finite Element Analysis
Designing Better Drugs (Biology)

Materials Science and Experimentation
  • Composites Manufacturing
  • Materials Design of Experiments
  • Cold Rolling, Electron Microscopy, XRF


AP BC Calculus

Non-Euclidean Geometry

Quantitative Engineering Analysis I

  • Linear Algebra and Eigenstuff
  • Multivariable Calculus
  • Advanced Physics
  • Differential Drive and Robotics
Quantitative Engineering Analysis II
  • 1st order ODEs and Thermo
  • 2nd order ODEs and Motion
  • Spectral Analysis and FFTs
Discrete Math


Modeling and Simulation

  • Python and Jupyter Notebook
  • Advanced Physics and Math
  • Models with ModSimPy
Intro to Sensors and Instrumentation
  • Electrical Concepts
  • Filters and signals
Design Nature
  • Bio Inspired Design
  • Mechanical Engineering
Products and Markets
  • Lean Agile Product Development
  • User Oriented Design


Intro to CS (Python)

AP Computer Science (5 on AP)

Intro to Software Design (Python)

Fundamentals of Robotics (MATLAB)

About Me

Hi! I'm Tiger Sky Jewell-Alibhai, but everyone calls me Tigey. I am 20 years old and love anything to do with Engineering and Design. I am pursuing a career in Robotics Engineering as an undergraduate at Olin College of Engineering.

I grew up in the Algarve province of Portugal, and only moved to the US just before high school. Because of my parents' work, I have travelled to many different places such as China, India, Namibia, and the UK.

I am an avid drone & FPV enthusiast, and enjoy making and flying planes and quads. Photography, cinematography, and photogrammetry with drones is also really fun, and I have a U.S. Part 107 Commercial Drone License. Whether it's racing wings or a camera drone, UAVs offer unique contributions to photography and a really great inexpensive and risk-free way to fly for fun.

Now at Olin, I have the opportunity to turn my ideas into meaningful projects and collaborate with amazing people on a daily basis. I am the Project Manager of Olin's Design Build Fly aircraft team and I have been involved in other projects such as designing and building a 3D scanner, creating a frisbee tracking system, developing a modular videogame, and using PCA and eigenfaces to identify endangered species of animals by their footprints.

Tiger Sky Jewell-Alibhai

Durham, North Carolina

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me!