The summer after my freshmen year at college, I got an internship at a small company called Practical Scientific Solutions. Being my first full internship position, I didn't know what to expect.

I started with some projects focused around developing a device design to the point where it could be manufactured, according to various specifications. My Solidworks skills greatly improved and I learned how to choose mechanical, electrical, and material parts based on design constraints and budget.

I also worked on several research projects that involved much earlier stage planning and design. While technically easier, these projects were tough as they were more open-ended and the goal was much less clearly set. Examples include a feasibility study on the use of radio and inertial tracking systems utilizing dead reckoning in comparison to GPS, and research into the cost, technical, and logistical aspects of launching a cubesat. These projects taught me how to deal with open ended work and gave me a better sense of when such a project is done or needs more work.

I really enjoyed working at Practical Scientific! You can see some examples of my work below.

“As his supervisor during this internship, I was immediately impressed with Mr. Jewell-Alibhai’s responsiveness and professionalism in addition to his command of engineering design basics and advanced grasp of CAD fundamentals, especially considering his educational status as a first-year undergraduate. He was at first – and throughout his time with us – in the upper echelon of all entry level engineers and designers we have had the pleasure to employ and encounter. I have no doubt that Mr. Jewell-Alibhai will be an asset to any and all future employers and collaborators and, taking into account the well-respected engineering institution at which he is currently studying, will prove to be an exceptional engineer. We would hire him without hesitation and fully recommend that you do the same.”

- Dr. Brandon Conover, CEO Practical Scientific