This summer, I was thrilled to get the chance to work at Ascent Aerosystems, a small company that manufactures coaxial UAVs. Coaxial UAVs are more mechanically complex than a quadcopter, so I was able to gain more experience in mechanical design and fabrication while also applying one of my main interests and hobbies (drones) in a work setting.

While at Ascent, I was given a wide variety of tasks, from design and fabrication work to technical documentation, and flight testing to 3D printer maintenance. It was exciting to explore a variety of work and gain insight into many different jobs, and I was fortunate to have very helpful and knowledgeable mentors from whom I learned a lot.

One of my primary projects at Ascent was revising build documentation for a new release of one of their products. This involved examining small changes to some components and documenting how these small changes affected manufacturing, assembly, and testing of a product. This was especially interesting to me as most of my work in previous internships and at college had been prototype design, where manufacturability and testing were less of a concern.

While my role was primarily mechanical, I also gained valuable experience with electrical and radio systems. One of the projects I worked on involved configuring and integrating an LTE control and video downlink for a prototype UAV. While not something I had done before, it was very interesting to explore this field and satisfying to see a functional result.

I greatly enjoyed my time as Ascent Aerosystems this summer!

Mr. Jewell-Alibhai was a valuable asset throughout his summer internship and everyone at Ascent AeroSystems wished his stay with us could have lasted longer. In a small, growing company like ours, there is never a slow time to join and ease into things. Tigey jumped right into the mix on day one and had valuable contributions throughout the summer on a couple of our highest priority projects including CAD, testing and documentation. His ability to work collaboratively with senior engineers while also making progress independently (but seeking help when needed) was top notch for an intern. We were also thoroughly impressed with his ability to dive into new technologies and figure things out with minimal support. Ascent AeroSystems, and any other engineering company, would be lucky to have a candidate like Mr. Jewell-Alibhai.

- Mark Spadafora, Director of Engineering